Issue 53

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2011. – № 53. – 211 c.

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Pavlov A.A., Mysyura E.B., Kostik D.Y. Minimizing total tasks tardiness in the presence of negative deadline values

Efremov K.V., Mazur R.F. Systemic and structural level of multiagent systems with the ability to adapt data processing

Simonenko V.P., Kurenev A.S. Algorithm for static scheduling in GRID systems

Markovskiy O.P., Abu-Usbah A.N. Almuradi V.M. Organization of subscriber identification in multiuser systems using hardware-protected memory

Markovskiy O.P., Sharshakov A.S. The method of generating pseudorandom accelerated permutations of the elements in the information protection systems

Lapchuk A.S., Yurlov V.I., Shilo S.O., Shyhovtsya O.V. Interference effects during information playback using partially coherent radiation

Simonenko V.P. The mathematical formulation of the problem of dynamic distribution of tasks in GRID systems and evaluation of solution quality

Simonenko V.P., Simonenko A.V. The dynamic task allocation onto resources of heterogeneous system with real-time constraints

Simonenko A.V. Improving the efficiency of dynamic scheduling in GRID Systems

Tomashevsky V.M., Yatsishin A.U. Mathematical model of the problem of designing hybrid data structures with regard to data sources structure

Demchynskyy V.V., Dorohiy I.U., Doroshenko K.S. Aspects of asymmetric routing in internet

Boldak A.O., Pustovit M.A. Architecture of data mining information system

Stetsenko I.V. The formal description of systems by means of Petri-object models

Poltorak V.P., Vitischenko N.S. GF(q) сalculator for cyclic codes

Tomashevsky V.M., Hrehul V.V., Nazaruk O.V., Timoshenko I.I. Evaluation of risk factors influence using health care simulation

Yanchevsky S.L. Multicriteria optimization of satellite imagery planning based on geospatial expert information

Molchanovsky O.I., Mistetskiy V.A., Nhiyem Le Quan, Bui Hyu Dat The problem of finding image files

Zaichenko U.P. Ovie Nafas Agai Ar Gamish Study of the dependence “optimal benefits – risk” in the fuzzy portfolio optimization problem

Boldak A.A., Suharev D.L. Determining the number of clusters in the statistical data

Murga M.O. Modified radial basis network training and its comparison to the Mamdani fuzzy neural network and FNNAITER

Fedorechko O.I., Vinogradov Y.N., Ivanov A.N. The method of correcting error “packs” in channels with pulse-code modulation based on binary multiplication without carry

Pustovarov V.I. Mechanisms of inclusion of formal specifications to the knowledge bases of computer languages

Hrybenko D.V., Stirenko S.G. Finding eigenvalues ​​and vectors using Lantsosha method on cluster systems

Rolik O.I., Mozharovskyy P.F., Vovk V.M., Zaharov D.S. Constructing quality metrics for IT infrastructure components using the nonparametric statistics

Amons A.A., Zaitsev S.U., Kirichek A.A. Detection of plagiarism in C# source code

Ulianitsky K.A., Kunschikov E.O., Ostrovsky S.M. Approach to using the matrix method to automate business processes

Vashchuk F.G., Pavlov A.A., Misyura O.B., Melnyk O.O. Scheduling problem of minimizing the total earliness and tardiness of independent tasks against due dates with setups

Ignatov V.A., Guziy N.N., Soraya M..A. Optimum providing of telecommunication and computer networks dependability

Petrenko O.O. The method of calculating the eigenvectors of the matrix, based on the method of diagonal modification

Pavlov A.A., Misiura E.B., Lisiecki T.N. Combining tasks in groups according to their priorities, readiness and deadlines