Issue 54

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2011. – № 54. – 239 c.

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Pavlov A.V., Pavlov V.A. Methodology of experimental studies of iterative algorithms convergence

Telenik S.F., Malyukov P.N., Pischaeva N.N. Neural network classification method of anomalies in mobile service provider traffic

Zaichenko Y.P., Naderan E. Structural analysis of handwritten mathematical expressions

Minaev Y.N., Klimenko I.A., Filimonova O.Y., Minaev Y.I. “Soft” calculations based on models of Kronecker (tensor) algebra

Kuzmuk A.V., Kuzmuk V.V., Suprunenko O.O. Application of controling Petri nets for modeling concurrent processes with multiple choices

Zaichenko U.P., Djakonova S.V. Application of NEFCLASS fuzzy classifier to the problem of building recognition on high resolution satellite images

Kussul O.M., Novikov A.N. Multiple objective planning in structurally complex systems based on reputation models

Kornachevskyy J.I., Ladogubets V.V. Genetic algorithms in CAD systems

Zaichenko Y.P., Murga M.O. Improvement of fuzzy stock portfolio optimization method with new risk functions

Kalinovskiy J.A., Boyarinova U.E., Gorodko N.A. Constructing matrix representations of isomorphic hypercomplex numerical systems

Saydreza Mahmaly Implementation of FFSIS authentication schemes by multiplying without carries

Nechiporenko O.M. Reliability criterion of robust stability automatic control systems

Pavlov A.A., Lisetsky T.N. Nonstationary method of analysis of hierarchies in hierarchical planning and decision-making

Pavlov A.A.
Ap­plied al­go­rithms for iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of non­lin­ear con­trol sys­tems

Plaksa O.S. Forming a plan of activities of SCRS

Poltorak V.P. Vіtіschenko N.S. Impact of code-base on the effectiveness of redundant data coding

Kirichenko L.О. Study of sample characteristics, obtained by the multifractal fluctuation analysis

Salapatov V.I. Preparing addresses of operands in the synthesis of program codes

Stetsenko I.V. Petri-object model of the traffic management

Fomenko A.O. Method of calculation of the project risks through the use of Bayesian networks

Turchenko V.O. Comparing the efficiency of group learning of multilayer perceptron on a parallel computer and computational cluster

Khimich A.N., Chistyakova T.V., Baranov A.U. Automatic adaptive solver of linear equation systems for hybrid systems

Kulakov Y.O., Cogan A.V., Pirogov A.A. Development and simulation of multipath secure data transmission in mobile networks

Gusev E.I., Kulakov A.Y. Lock exclusion of shared resource in distributed systems

Rusanova O.V., Yaroh Y.A. Scheduling algorithms for heterogeneous cluster systems

Telenik S.F., Rolik A.I., Savchenko P.S. Adaptive genetic algorithm for data center resource distribution

Klimenko I.A., Zhabin V.V., Zvolynskyy V.V. Modeling fault-tolerant stream computing system on FPGA

Markovskiy O.P., Fedorechko O.I., Sayidreza Mahmali DSA digital signature technology based on Galois field arithmetic

Salnikov A.A., Boyko Y.V. Solving the problem of integration of virtual organizations on the resource providers in the Ukrainian national Grid segment

Gaevskaya E.A., Stirenko S.G. Methods for image processing using the technology of phase contrast

Kulakov A.Y., Bogatyrchuk I.I., Hnatiuk O.S. The method of hierarchical scheduling in GRID-systems

Slyusar E.A., Boyko Y.V. Organization of central caching resource directory in the Ukrainian National Grid infrastructure

Novikov Y.L. The concept of a single information resource of educational materials

Selivanov V.L., Vorobyov V.V. Optimal transform circuits in voltage D/A conversion schemes for the binary-coded decimal numbers

Shovgun N.V. Analysis of the creditworthiness of the borrower using the methods of fuzzy logic

Dorohoy Y.Y. Generalized architecture of convolutional neural networks