Issue 48

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2008. – № 48.

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Pavlov O.A., Misyura A.B., Melnikov O.V. Investigation of properties and solution to the problem “Minimizing the total penalty for both advancing and delayed relatively legislative terms in carrying out of independent tasks with one device”

Paramonov A.M., Tomashevskiy V.N. Formalization of an algorithm of modeling the movement of road transport vehicle

Markovskiy O.P., Mazur R.F., Said Reza Makh Mali Improved identification of subscribers using a perceptron model

Bogushevskaya N.V., Tomashevskiy V.M. Formal model of ring transport network. Сonversion of dialogue notation to program code

Stirenko S.G. The formal description of structural and parametric characteristics of technical text

Pavlov A.A., Kut V.I., Shtankevich A.S. Finding the weights from the matrix of pairwise comparisons with unilateral constraints

Telenyk S.F., Bidyuk P.I., Amons O.A., Kryzhova K.O. The method of allocating resources among projects

Ivanov V.O. Distributed system for road traffic simulation

Pavlov A.A., Ivanova A.A. Algorithm for identification of the target function in hierarchy analysis method

Uhantsov S.N., Pustovarov V.I., Stirenko S.G., Zheludkova T.V. Proof management of the generation and modification of software modules for the information-analytical systems

Blinova T.O. Addition and multiplication of codes in divine proportion in bitwise mode, starting with high order bits

Sadegh Rastgu Model of computational processes in cluster systems with multi-core architecture

Pavlov A.A., Misyura E.B., Kut V.I., Scherbatenko O.V., Mikhailov V.V. Mathematical models of hierarchical planning and decision making

Kuznetsov A.V. Knowledge representation in the concept of object-oriented logic programming

Romankevich V.A. Some quantitative evaluations in GL-models

Pavlov A.A., Lischuk E.I. Operational decision-making algorithms in a hierarchical system Saaty, based on the criteria replacement

Myelkovska V.M., Sergienko A.M., Stirenko S.G. The method of demodulation of signals with multifrequency modulation

Pavlov A.A., Misyura O.B., Khalus O.A., Kostik D.Y., Lysetskyi T.M. Optimization of the modified PDS-algorithm to minimize total tasks delay

Zaichenko Y.P., Medin M.Y. The method of solving the problem of situation analysis by decision support system for programming

Beznosik A.Y. Construction of equivalent models of beam structures

Ladogubets V.V., Kramar A.V., Finogenov A.D. Adaptation of SPUIP parallel algorithm for NTUU “KPI” cluster

Markovskiy O.P., Fedorechko O.I., Turchenko Y.O. Correction of errors in data transmission channels with spectral modulation using weighted checksums

Pavlov A.A., Chehovsky A.V. Reducing the problem of constructing multivariate regression to a sequence of one-dimensional problems

Rolik A.I., Glushko E.V. Quality analysis of the elements of information and telecommunications systems

Lyubchenko K.M. Expert systems in practical medicine

Markovskiy A.P., Zyuzya A.A., Sherstyuk V.D. Obtaining boolean transformations of special classes for constructing efficient algorithms for information security

Zaichenko Y.P., Murga N.A. Application of fuzzy logic to the problem of medical diagnosis

Abu-Usbah A.N., Melnyk A.P., Ponomarchuk D.S. An approach to data transmission error detection on the basis of the residual classes

Salapatov V.I. Syntactic analysis with the distribution of tokens into groups

Markovskiy A.P., Porhun E.V., Mnatsakanov A.V. Hash-memory with limited time of search by the key

Pustovarov V.I. Building a knowledge base for the creation of compatible software and hardware and their formal verificatio

Tomashevsky V.M., Dіdenko D.G. Comparison of job simulation systems OPENGPSS and GPSS/PC

Amons O.F., Yanov Y.O., Besplay I.O. Clustering of documents based on statistical proximity of terms

Alenin O.I. Virtual clusters management system

Banya E.N., Selivanov V.L. About the peculiarities of the construction of number systems of different classes

Sergienko A.M. Designing computing deviсes with register delays

Pavlov A.A., Misyura O.B., Melnikov O.V., Sherbatenko O.V., Mikhailov V.V. The general scheme of planning and management of complex objects that represent network processes and have limited resources

Tkachenko S.V. Practical application of MPPO: an example of developing trading strategies for FOREX