Issue 49

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2008. – № 49.

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Lyubchenko K.M. Expert systems in practical medicine

Markovsky A.P., Zyuzya A.A., Sherstyuk V.D. Obtaining of Boolean transformations of special classes for building efficient algorithms of information security

Zaichenko Y.P., Murga N.A. Application of fuzzy logic to the problem of medical diagnosis

Abu Usbah A.N., Melnik A.P., Ponomarchuk D.S. An approach to detect transmission errors based on residual classes system

Salapatov V.I. Syntactic analysis with the distribution of tokens into groups

Markovskiy A.P., Porhun E.V., Mnatsakanov A.V. Hash-memory with a limited time of search by the key

Pustovarov V.I. Building a knowledge base for joint software and hardware development and their formal verification

Tomashevsky V.M., Didenko D.H. Comparison of OPENGPSS and GPSS / PC simulation modeling systems

Amons O.A., Janov Y.O., Bespaly I.O. Clustering documents based on statistical proximity of terms

Alenin O.I. Virtual cluster management sytem

Banya E.N., Selivanov V.L. On the peculiarities of construction of different classes calculus system

Sergienko A.M. Designing of computing devises with register delays

Pavlov O.A., Misyura O.B., Melnikov O.V., Sherbatenko O.V., Mikhailov V.V. The general scheme of planning and management of complex objects that have a network representation of technological processes and limited resources

Tkachenko S.V. Practical application of MPIC on example of developing trading strategies for FOREX

Rolik A.I., Timofeeva U.S., Turski N.I. Management of troubleshooting in IT systems

Zhabin V.I., Makarov V.V. Using tables of functions for fast computation of polynomials

Zhabina V.V. Improving the efficiency of parallel processing of data at the operation level in flow systems

Kulakov A.U. Way to improve the efficiency of GRID systems based on MPLS networks

Dorogoi I.Y., Yashin V.E. Software suite for multi-threaded simulation of neural networks

Stirenko S.G., Shaurin D.O. Improving the efficiency of IT infrastructure through virtualization technology

Ilarionov R. Software communication driver of 3D scanning device with computer-aided design sytem

Seraya O.V., Katkova T.I., Bachkir L.V. Estimation of the state using fuzzy regression

Tomashevsky V.M., Dmytryk I.M. Model of learning analysis and knowledge control

Talayev O.K, Dudnik A.S., Berezovsky O.M. Simulation of wireless networks based on the control algorithm and traffic distribution