Issue 50

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2009. – № 50.



Zgurovsky M.Z., Pavlov A.A., Misiura E.B., Melnikov O.V Methods for operational planning and decision making in a complex organizational and technical systems

Zgurovsky M.Z., Pavlov A.A., Misiura E.B., Melnikov O.V The methodology for constructing effective solutions for multistage scheduling problems based on the principle of hierarchy and a set of interrelated models and methods

Beznosik O.Y., Cot D.M Reducing the ambiguity of dimensionality reduction algorithm of RLC-circuits

Ladogubets V.V., Kramar A.V., Finogenov A.D Calculation of runtime parallel method of numerical integration on the basis of differences of higher orders

Petrenko A.I., Malyavko A.S The simulation program of resist exposure in electron-beam lithography

Zhdanovа О.G., Padalko O.B On the problem of generating test plans for software verification automation.

Korochkin A.V., Berezovsky A.N Computational model for scalable cluster systems

Zaichenko Y.P., Labzhinsky V.A Comparative analysis of two methods of predicting air pollution

Molchamovskiy O.I., Stepanov I.O., Kovtun D.Y Comparative analysis of the algorithms for pair comparison of the source codes

Dyshlevyy O.P Application of object-oriented method of building dependencies between software metrics

Sergienko A.M., Lepekha V.L Some design features of microcontrollers for SoC

Sergienko A.M Application of rational fractions in specialized calculators

Lepehа V.L., Lesik T.M., Franco R.A Implementation of Reed-Solomon decoder on FPGA

Davidenko I.M., Kravchenko S.A., Babij K.Y A decentralized model of GRID-system management

Blinovа T.О Division in the golden ratio codes in bitwise mode, starting with the high order bits

Zyuzya A.A Way to counter the reconstruction of key block algorithms for security analysis by the dynamics of power consumption

Kovalchuk O.V Methods and tools to predict overload of computer networks

Turchenko Y.A Using a weighted arithmetic checksums for error correction in channels with a spectral modulation

Zhabina V.V Concurrent formation of commands in flow systems

Markovskiy A.P., Vinogradov Y.N., Povazhnaya N.S On the problem of assessing the quality of pseudorandom binary sequences for information security systems

Boldak А.А., Nevdaschenko M.V., Demyanenko M.V Factor system for comparative analysis of software projects

Dorogoy I.Y., Yashin V.E., Yatsuk S.V Multithreaded simulation of artificial neural networks of arbitrary topology

Kussul O., Novikov O Utility-based reputation model for VO in GRIDs

Muhin V.E., Volokita A.N Analysis of events of information security for corrective actions in safety management

Skakun S.V Structural and functional analysis of Sensor Web system

Kondrashova N.V Gram-Schmidt-Gauss method for solving systems of linear equations in the GMDH

Telenik S.F., Rolik A.I., Bukasov M.M., Yasochka M.V Determination of the malfunction spread in the access network on the quality of services provided

Kharuk R.V Processing data from the audit log in the Security event monitoring systems

Zaitsev V.G., Lan Chunlin Designing and implementing a system of automatic classification of documents for a finite set of languages

Stirenko S.G., Gribenko D.V., Zinenko A.I. The presentation of functional programs for automatic parallel execution