Issue 51

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2009. – № 51. – 240 c.

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Pavlov A.A., Ivanova A.A., Shtankevich A.S., Fedotov, A.P A modified method of hierarchy analysis (versions 2, 3)

Kulakov Y.A., Rusanova O.V., Shevelo A.P Hierarchical method for GRID scheduling

Lyubchenko K.M Uninformed search in the expert systems

Pavlov A.A., Misiura E.B., Melnikov O.V., Ganzina E Solution to the problem of aggregation in three-tier model of planning small-scale production

Lisnichenko D.I., Simonenko A.V The method of unification of the file hierarchy by applying for their processing operations on parameterized graphs

Telenik S.F., Grіshin І.Y Increasing the efficiency of information support of air traffic management system

Seraya O.V., Katkova T.I. Fischukova N.V Fuzzy Bayesian expert system

Pavlov O.A., Lischuk K.I., Shtankevych O.S., Ivanova G.A., Fedotov O.P A modified method of hierarchy analysis (version 1.2)

Pavlov A.A., Misiura E.B., Melnikov O.V., Ganzina E The software product “Solving technological graph aggregation problem”

Markovskiy O.P., Abu-Usbah A.N., Romanets N.N Redefinition of partially defined boolean functions to ensure their avalanche properties

Kuznetsov A.V A way to reconstruct a natural language by grammatical features

Zhabin V.I Methods to improve the effectiveness of communication in multiprocessor systems

Salapatov V.I Improving quality of programs for the signal processors

Lutsky M.G., Ryabokin Y.M Software development method for flight instructor operating station

Pustovarov V.I., Kovalenko S.U. Organization of data warehousing for language description and manipulation with informational entities

Markovskiy O.P., Saidreza Mahmali, Turchenko Y.A., Sakun V.N Using weighted checksums to correct “packages” of data transmission errors

Zaitsev VG, Lan Chunlin Ways to improve the efficiency of document classification to a finite set of languages

Chertov O.R Kunchenko’s polynomials for pattern recognition

Orlova M.M., Shandyba D.V Implementation of network protocols as independent processes

Koshel M.O., Simonenko A.V Load balancing of web services using mobile agents

Kulakov Y.A., Derevyanchuk A.O Secure transmission of information based on multipath routing

Kulakov O.Y., Brolinskyy S.M., Ashayev Y.M Dynamic generation of virtual GRID systems to solve problems based on distributed resources manager

Maslyanko P.P., Ryabushenko A.V System design and deployment of distributed system for a model of investment portfolio management

Sergienko A.M Dimensional graph of synchronous data flow

Demchinsky V.V., Dorogoi I.Y., Doroshenko E.S Virtualization of data networks in Dynamips

Telenyk S.F. Rolik O.I., Bukasov M.M., Labunskiy A.Y Models of virtual machines in server virtualization

Kvitko O.S., Doroshenko K.S., Poltorak V.P Methods of dynamic programming in corporate networks

Lisnichenko D.I., Symonenko A.V Handling file system hierarchies

Klimenko I.A., Zhabina V.V Providing fault tolerance of stream systems using similar computational modules

Klimenko I.A., Sakara N.A., Fedorchuk M.V Implementation of priority interrupt controller for the computing system with open architecture

Telenyk S.F., Amons O.A., Shkabura O.Y., Podryhaylo N.O Search and summarization in the electronic document circulation system

Zyuzya A.A Way to counter the reconstruction of key block algorithms of information security analysis based on the dynamics of power consumption

Lavrenyuk S.I. Kopychko S.N., Gordienko R.A Parameter estimation of GRID node load to optimize its performance

Zaichenko YP, Maliheh Esfandiyarfard, Ovi Nafa Agai Ar Gamish Analysis of fuzzy portfolio optimization model

Buzovsky O.V., Aleschenko A.V., Podrubaylo A.A Code generation by graphical scheme system

Zaichenko Y.P., Basarab A.V Application of analogues aggregation and fuzzy logic to predict the stock market indices

Korotkiy E.V., Lysenko A.N The simulation method for reconfigurable networks on the chip

Bilyk I.I Effect of network address translators on the performance of P2P systems

Ehsan Ebrahim Shirazi, Stirenko S.G. Effects of information technology on the buisness

Gemba N.V., Gerashchenko D.V Application of fuzzy neural networks to predict the trend lines of the stock market