Issue 47

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Pavlov A.A., Arakelyan G.A., Kut V.I. Finding the weights of objects on a matrix of paired comparisons, containing no digital information

Kolomoets G.P. Study of static parameters of packet transmission in HTTP

Markovskiy A.P., Muhammad Mefleh, Alice Ababne, Zyuzya A.A., Garazd VM On the protection of the modular exponentiation operands from reconstruction analysis based on the dynamics of power consumption

Zohra Karim Zadeh, Melnik A.P., Samkovsky K.S. The method of constructing a nonlinear generator of binary sequences using the shift register

Mnatsakanov A.V., Kuznetsov A.A. On the problem of hash-addressing collisions without a permanent array of keys

Markovskiy A.P., Turchenko Y.A., Kovalchuk A.V. Improving the efficiency of detecting errors in data transmission lines with a pulse-amplitude modulation

Markovskiy A.P., Ahmed Yassin Al Mulk Badayneh, Puya Soleimani Nezhadian. An approach to improve data transmission error detection and correction

Iyad Ahmad Mohd Madrid Shahrur. Using a hash-memory for fast authentication in multiuser systems

Korolkov I.V. Shortening routes obtained by the algorithmic routing through modifying the topological tree

Avramenko E.A. Tool for legacy software redoсumentation

Artemenko V.A., Bogdanova N.V. Traffic management with respect to its self-similarity

Rolik A.I., Sokolovskiy R.L. The distribution of mobile components in information and telecommunications management system

Vinogradov Y.N. Way to formally describe the operation of reconfigurable computing devices

Salapatov V.I. Relational data model of the internal representation of programs

Zaichenko A.U., Kuharyev S.O., Kuharyeva O.V. Simulation of networks with MPLS technology to manage different types of traffic

Stirenko S.G., Mitin S.V. Parallel algorithm of image recognition based on cellular neural network

Zaichenko Y.P., Malyhah Esfandyyarfard, Zayka A.I. Analysis of the investment portfolio on the basis of forecasting stock prices

Pinchuk D.A. Fuzzy inductive modeling method with fuzzy input variables

Muhin V.E. Means of risk management in computer system security

Zaichenko Y.P., Gonchar M.A. Fuzzy cluster analysis methods in problems of automatic classification in the economy

Pavlov A.A., Ivanova A.A., Zigura R.A. The Method of Group Accounting of Arguments and Hierarchy Analysis in decision-making solutions

Pavlov O.A.,Misyura O.B., Khalus O.A., Benkovskyy S.B., Kostik D.Y., Lysenkyy T.M. Modeling system to study the effectiveness of PDS-algorithm for minimizing total delay of tasks

Sergienko A.M. Synthesis of periodic structures for algorithms with control operators

Sergienko A.M., Lepekha V.L., Lesyk T.N. Special processors for two-dimensional discrete cosine transformations

Nesterenko B.B., Novotarskyy M.A. APRO-networks for modeling of complex discrete systems

Kuznetsov A.V. Semantic amorphicity in grammatical sentences signatures of natural language

Blinova T.O. Using Fibonacci codes and golden ratio in digital optical transmission channels

Kirynov O.V. Improving results of the Multi GMDH polynomial obtained for problems with many variables by adding a backward variable

Pustovarov V.І. Monitoring compliance of programs and models with formal specification of tasks

Kulakov A.Y. A Way to improve the efficiency of GRID-based systems based on virtual VPN networks

Davidenko I.N. A Way to improve the process of routing in large mobile networks

Kulakov Y.A., Maksimenko E.V., Ruschak O.A. Improving safety of information transmission in mobile networks

Kulakov YA, Lange A.Y. Formation of a dynamic infrastructure of large-scale mobile networks

Bakhtar Hedayatollah. Multicast delivery of information in AD HOC networks

Mohammad Sadegh Rastgu. Traffic control in mobile ATM networks

Zhurakovsky I.Y., Zhurakovska O.S. Application of mathematical models and methods in MRP II, ERP, APS

Boldak A.A., Nevdaschenko M.V. The mathematical apparatus of formalization of models used in the design of information systems