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Issue 58

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2013. – № 58. – 159 c.

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Zgurovsky M.Z., Boldak A.A., Efremov K.V., Sergeeva N.A., Zabarinskaya L.P., Shestopalov I.P., Nisilevich M.V. Application of Data Mining Methods for Empirical Studies on the Interrelationship of Helio- and Geophysical Processes

Pavlov A.A., Misjura E.B., Lisetsky T.N., Sperkach M.O., Khalus E.A. The Four-Level Model of Planning, Decision Making and Operational Control in the Network Systems With Limited Resources

Pavlov A.A., Misjura E.B., Lisetsky T.N. Scheduling Independent Tasks on the Identical Parallel Machines Which Starting Times Are Smaller Than a Common Due Date

Telenik S.F., Amons O.A., Efremov K.V., Zhuk S.V. Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Information Resources

Kyselova A. Context Data Analysis For Microgrid Control System

Dyakonova S.V., Zaychenko Y.P. Approach to The Problem of Automated Detection of Buildings on Satellite Images

Naderan E., Zaychenko Y.P. An Approach to Structural Analysis of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions in Real Time

Molchanovsky O.I., Znahurenko V.P. Inductive Learning Method Based on Gifts Recommendation System

Kulakov Y.A., Vorotnikov V.V., Gumenuk I.V. Analysis of Telecommunication Network by Bringing its Topology to the Form Prefractal Graph

Kulakov Y.A., Kogan A.V. Determining the Optimal Number of Edge Routers in Secure Multipath Routing of Large Mobile Network

Rolik A.I. Decomposition-Compensation Method of Service Level Management of Corporate IT Infrastructures

Shovgun N.V. Increasing the Efficiency of Fuzzy Neural Networks in the Problem of Assessing the Creditworthiness of the Borrower

Poltorak V.P., Golkov V.B. Electronic Digital Systems Signature Comparison And Their Implementation Features On Elliptic Curves Basis

Pustovarov V.I., Boiko V.V., Lemeshko V.A. Functional Expansion of Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Proshyn S. Transition Matrices Estimation of Power Supply Based on Periodic Markov Chain

Arakelyan G.A., Sergiyenko A.M. Coal Ashes Estimation Using the Simulated Annealing

Melnyk T.P. Improving Dynamic Simulation Technology Stochastic System For Determining Flood Zones Subject to Dam Diking

Pryjmak A.V. Optimization of Computing With CUDA in Simulation of Instability of Langmuir Waves in Plasma

Fedotova-Piven I.N., Piven O.B. Software Modeling of Coincident in Time Addition of Twenty Positive Integers in the Redundant Recurrent Numeration System of the Third Order

Minukhin S.V, Znakhur S.V., Korovin A.V. Coordinate Strategies Job Scheduling Based On Generalized Statistical Analysis of Their Characteristics in the Distributed Computing Systems

Lutsk G.M., Muhin V.E. Routing Methods in Computer Systems With Multi-Channel Links

Stirenko S.G. Model of Parallel Programming Technology