Vorotnikov V.V.

Proposed campaign to build a regular fractal network topology of large scale with properties of self-similarity. The construction of a fractal graph node is realized by changing the graph-primer as a result, the number of nodes in the resultant graph is dependent on the number of nodes in the graph and the initial iteration number graph path.For fractal topology synthesized by the method of evaluation of the reliability obtained by the inclusion of multipath route network using redundant independent pathways. It is shown that the slope of the function of the reliability of the route with the development of graph path increases, due to the presence in the polynomial terms of reliability with a greater degree. An analysis calculations show that increasing graph route reliability value decreases and has a clearly defined in the initial iterations of the extremum. By increasing the reliability of the model compounds of 0.8 and more, the unit increment the reliability of the route is reduced and the peak value function module increments is linear.

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