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Issue 62

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2015. – № 62. – 120 c.


Vorotnikov V.V.Multipath routing in large-scale networks with regular fractal topology

Klymenko I.A. Analysis of efficiency of the management resource and applications in the reconfigurable computer systems

Antonuk A.I., Tsymbal I.V. Determination of period of memorizing of the state of the centralized informative fund

Kulakov Y.A., Kogan  A.V., Morozovskii T.S. Multipath routing management method using a modified method of the branch and bound

Gusev E.I. Traffic Modelling and distributed access speed evaluation in a cloud systems

(Oracle RAC as example)

Dibrova M.A., Kogan A.V., Kutsenko V.A. A method of traffic constructing in grid systems

Kulakov Y.A., Koronenko A.M. Analysis methods of prediction and calculation estimated change in the number of handover in a cellular multiservice mobile networks

Kulakov Y.O., Braslavskiy A.O. Adaptive routing method for documents searching in unstructured peer-to-peer networks

Pavlov A.A. Kalashnyk V.V. Kovalenko D.A. Construction of a multi-dimensional polynomial regression. regression with repetitive arguments in the input data

Selivanov V.L, Kovalyova D.B. The structure of scale transform circuits in voltage d/a conversion (dac) schemes for the binary numbers (bcd)

Selivanov V.L., Martynyuk R.O. Using the binary, ternary, decimal numeral systems for digital to analog converters

Kril S. Automatic pressure control system on ops with actuator with variable full stroke time

Zaychenko Y., Sydoruk I. Analysis of multicriteria problem of the portfolio optimization based on prediction of the accets profitability

Pavlov A.A., Sperkach M.O. Tasks execution with a common due date on parallel machines with optimality criteria: total earliness minimization regarding the due date and the tasks’ start time execution maximization

Pavlov A.A., Misura E.B. The methodological and theoretical foundations of a PDC-algorithm for solving the problem of minimizing total weighted tardiness of jobs on one machine

Dorohiy I.I., Tsurkan V.V.,Doroha-Ivaniuk O.O., Ferens D.A. The use of neural networks structural optimization algorithm for tasks of data classification

Stirenko S., Gabinet A., Kostenko Y. Method of recovering lost video data during it streaming in the peer-to-peer networks

Rolik O. Optimal receiving M-ary signals with the Markov property