Syntactic analysis with the distribution of tokens into groups

Salapatov V.I.

The traditional analysis of program language operators if with laying out of them on separate lexemes as equal in rights units of language complicates enough the syntactic analysis. The natural languages of intercourse are had at their perception of separation to the subject, to the predicate and other parts of language for the awareness of sense of suggestion. Something similar is offered on the stage of lexical analysis of program language operators. All lexemes are here divided into three groups: lexemes-objects, lexemes of action at al. A feature as programming if consists in the obligatory presence of pair of lexemes: lexeme-object and lexeme of action. Thus from this pair all operators begin and in this pair it is always the lexeme of action is a mandatory member. Therefore, if a lexeme-object appear at the lexical analysis, the simultaneous search of the proper lexeme of action is appropriate. Such approach allows considerably simplify the syntactic analysis of operators of language and accelelerate his imple-mentation.

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