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Issue 61

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.: Век+, – 2014. – № 61. – 180 c.

Full Text


Zgurovskiy M.Z., Pavlov A.A., Misura E.B. The lexicographical criterion minimization for a feasible schedule on parallel machines with arbitrary due dates

Kulakov Y.O., Klymenko I.A. The multilevel memory in the reconfigurable computing system

Pavlov O.A, Khalus O.A. Creation of feasible schedule of performing an operations at a single device optimal by criterion of minimizing the total earliness

Stirenko S.G. Implementation of the method for determining transmission delay time the computer cluster systems

Koval O.V., Zaitseva K.A. Verification of computer model of information management system

Bobrova N.L. Justify the use of a complex of diagnostic techniques for assessing human psychophysiological state

Rokovoy A. P., Gabinet A. V., Petruk V.A. Localization method of the multimedia traffic in the peer-to-peer networks

Zgurovsky M.Z., Pavlov A.A., Misura E.B., Melnikov O.V., Lisetsky T.N. Implementation of the methodology of the four-level model of planning, decision-making and operational management in networked systems with limited resources

Shyrochyn S.S., Sulema Y.S. Method of steganographic data protection in audio-files based on complimentary image

Pavlov A.А., Zhdanova O.G., Sperkach M.O. The problem of creating a feasible schedule with maximum late moment of starting the jobs with common due date on identical parallel machines

Markovskiy O.P., Nevdashenko M.V., Bilashevska A.V. Protected implementation of image filtering in grid-systems

Demchinskyy V.V. Practical aspects of the traffic shaping and policing

Denisiuk O.V., Kavitska V.S., Liubchenko V.V. Definition of adequate model for knowledge representation in modern information systems

Boyko Y.V., Glybovets N.N., Yershov S.V., Kryvyi S.L., Pogorilyy S.D., Rolik O.І., Telenyk S.F., Yasochka M.V. High performance IT-infrastructure management

Rolik O.I. The complex method of service level management in the corporate IT-infrastructure

Kulakov Y. A., Dibrova M.A. Method of GRID virtual structure forming, oriented on multipath routing