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Issue 65

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.:Век+, – 2017. – № 65. – 128 с.

Full Text


Zhurovskyy M., Pavlov A. Theoretical properties of the PSC-algorithm for the total weighted tardiness minimizationproblem on one machine

Zhurovskyy M., Pavlov A., Misura E., Melnikov O., Mukha I., Lyshchuk E. Heuristic algorithm for solving the total weighted tardiness problem on one machine

Markovskiy O., Shapran K., Havrysh D.
Method correction of multiple synchronization errors in serial data transmission channels

Kulakov Y. Kohan A., Hrapov V.
The method of constructing traffic in the multipath routing

Dorohiy I., Shpyta H.
Methodology of adaptive mechanics implementation

Markovskyy O., Shevchenko O., Rudenko T. Organization of hash searching in electronic dictionaries

Selivanov V., Shurkyna A. Structures of inverse resistive matrices of code-to-current converters of binary number system

Selivanov V., Shurkyna A. Unipolar digital-to-analog converters with increased accuracy

Zimchuk I., Ishchenko V., Shapar T.
A digital pseudolinear regulator is for automatic control system by continuous objects

Il’yin M. Modified method of boundary value problems solving based on D4 decomposition for hybrid systems with GPU

Titov D., Doroshenko A. АAlgorithm of finding patterns in time series for streaming services quality analysis problems

Nevol’ko V.
Synthesis of high-speed fuzzy controllers based on associative memory with FPGA implementation

Poryev V. About modifications of the method of run length encoding

Dobrovol’s'kyy O., Podrubaylo O. Methods of optimization indexing algorithms for in memory data grid

Zhabin V., Zhabina V. Data Exchange Efficiency Improvement in Multiprocessor Systems with Non-uniform Memory Access

Vovk Ye., Ksenzovets’ D. Forecasting Models for resources and load allocation in IT-Infrastructures

Rolik O., Telenyk S. Zharikov E. The service level management in the internet of things system with microcloud-based architecture

Stirenko S., Markovskiy O., Zacharioudakis Eleftherios., Mishchenko L. Techniques for accelerated modular exponent calculation

Dorohiy I. TC-compliant critical IT infrastructure architecture