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Issue 64

Вісник НТУУ «КПІ». Інформатика, управління та обчислювальна техніка: Зб. наук. пр. – К.:Век+, – 2016. – № 64. – 174 с.

Full Text


Babenko O., Hiorhizova-Hai V. Load balancing of applications in a private cloud environment

Vynnychuk S., Maksymenko E. Repeated decimation for accelerating the factorization fermat’s method with uneven steps for the unknown

Kuts V. Structure of the computer for multiscale phase meter based on modular arithmetic

Rusanova O. Scheduling method for multi-core clusters

Sergiyenko A., Klimenko I., Sergiyenko P.  Reconfigurable many-core computer based on FPGA

Kostenko Y., Markovskyy O., Rusanova O. Method for protected modular exponentiation on remote computer systems

Herhalo A., Rudakova A. The problems automation process of functional diagnostics digital devices power accounting

Markovskyy O., Semenuk J., Shevzhenko O., Radchenko K. Method for data transmission errors correction in singl-chip radio modems

Rybak V., Chokr Ahmad Using of artificial intelligence technologies of solutions in the field of environmental management tasks

Zakovorotniy A. Expanding the geometric control theory by automating the analysis transformation in Matlab package

Porev V. Algorithmic aspects computer-aided design curricula

Telenyk S., Rolik O., Zharikov E. Virtual machine allocation management in the data center

Novotarskyi M., Bronfman E. Simulation of fluid flow in a three-dimensional area with moving boundaries

Dolgolenko A., Yatsun V. Implementation of operational device of floating point adder/subtractor for superscalar processor kernel

Papuch T. Integration of  bankruptcy risk evaluation methods and models adopted for estimating the creditworthiness of enterprises

Bujbarova M., Vynogradov Y., Priymak V. Method for protected Fourier transforms on remote distributed computer systems

Gusev E. Modeling of access techniques to shared memory pages  in cloud computing systems based on shared everything architecture

Murga N. Space with changing during the time basis of features’ memberships for financial-economic processes’ indicators forecasting

Dibrova M., Kohan A., Kaporin R. Methods of organization multipath routing

Zhabin V., Zhabina V., Skorichenko A.  Implementation of on-line computing in redundant number systems on FPGAs.

Hanzha I., Shemsedinov T., Alienin O,. Stirenko S. Modification and implementation of classical algorithm for marking connected components in binary image

Markovskiy O., Zacharioudakis Eleftherios, Fedotov M. Method of stringent remote abonents identification based on standard block cipher and hash transformation

Telenyk S., Trotskyi S. Usage of component based approach during intelligent adaptive services design phase